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Since 2001, Rc Yazbek supports the Development of People and Organizations. 

"We believe that People, as well as Organizations, desire growth, development and mission accomplishments. We understand that if they are aligned in their vision for the future, in their values and goals, there certainly will be a mutual commitment in the process of growth, development, and change, and it will all be done effectively and optimally.

We combine our consolidated experience with our proven methodology in order to work fully integrated with the Client. Once we have a complete understanding of the demand and a precise definition of the mission entrusted upon us, we set the best possible direction of the efforts of the Coaching Program."

Profile Rosa Yazbek

  • Psychologist - Post-Graduation in People Management - ISAD/PUC

  • MBA in Marketing - IBMEC

  • Accredited in Biographic Counseling - Anthroposophy - Artemísia Desenvolvimento Humano - SP

  • Specialized in Transformative Mediation of Conflicts - Instituto Familiae - SP

  • Coach Biography Counselor

  • Co-Active Coaching International Certification Program - Augere, Spain

  • Shadow Coaching and Laser Coaching - School of Shadow Coaching Advanced - Canada

  • Executive Positions held at Hering Têxtil S.A. e PepsiCo/Pizza Hut;

  • Owner and Director of RC Yazbek Consultoria Organizacional, with more than 20 years in the field of Assessment & Development, Diagnostics, Coaching of Executives and Strategic Selection/Recruiting for large size multi-national organizations.


RC YAZBEK Consulting provides the following services:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Assessment

  • Leadership Training Programs

  • Executive Search

  • Organizational Diagnostics

We provide a safe space, which is appropriate and personalized for discussion and reflexion related to the aspects of development, performance, life alignment, career and vision for the future.

Our coaching and assessment services stimulate the professional to honestly recognize his/her vulnerabilities and strengths, in order to transform them into actions that lead to establishing goals and changes.

We offer a space that allows the professional to be heard in an exempt way about his/her expectations, strengths, experiences, and needs for development, conversing in a constructive form about them.


RC YAZBEK Consulting is licensed and/accredited to use the following tools:

  • Insights Discovery®

  • Linked Personal Appreciation

  • Saville Consulting WAVE

  • Assessment & Development Consultants

As well as other supporting tools, such as Interview by Competencies, Career Anchors and Executive Profile Questionnaire.

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Rua Fernando Simas, 705 / Cj 113 
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